Plural Form Pseudo Worlds

from by Blusummrs

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The subject of this speech
Is a topic
Which has been discovered recently
And which may not exist at all

I may be talking about something that does not exist
Therefore I am free to say everything or nothing

I and my stories and novels often write about counterfeit worlds
Some are real worlds
As well as deranged private worlds
Inhabited often by just one person
While meantime the other characters either remain in their own world throughout
Or are somehow drawn into one of the peculiar ones
With these plural form pseudo worlds

But now I think I understand
What I was sensing
Was the manifolds of partially actualized realities
Lying tangent to what evidently is the most actualized one
The one which the majority of us
By consensus gentium agree on
At no time did I have a theoretical or conscious explanation for my preoccupation
With these plural form pseudo worlds

Later that day
Back home again
But still deeply under the influence of the Sodium Pentothal
I had a short acute flash of recovered memory
Then in mid March
A month later
The total body of memories
Intact and entire
Began to return
With these plural form pseudo worlds

You are free to believe me
Or to disbelieve
But please take my word on it
That I am not joking
This is very serious
A matter of importance

At that time I had no idea what I was seeing
It resembled nothing that I ever heard described
It resembled plasmic energy
It had color
It moved fast
It collected and then dispersed
But what it was
What he was
I am not sure even now
You are free to believe me
Or to disbelieve
But I am not joking
This is very serious

In other words
It's a common theme in my writing
That a dark haired girl
Shows up at the door of the protagonist
And tells him that his world is delusional
That there's something false about it
Well this did finally happen to me
With these plural form pseudo worlds

I even knew that her hair would be black
I had an actual complete sense
Of what she would look like
And What she would say
She did appear
She was a total stranger
And she did inform me of this fact
Some of my fictional works
Were in a literal sense true

These plural form pseudo worlds

People claim to remember past lives
I claim to remember a different, very different present life
I know of no one who has ever made this claim before
But I rather suspect that my experience is not unique
What perhaps is unique is the fact that I'm willing to talk about it
We are living in a computer programmed reality
And the only clue we have to it
Is when some variable is changed
And some alteration in our reality occurs
With these plural form pseudo worlds


from Lost in a Dream, released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Blusummrs Fort Collins, Colorado

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